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Joanne Bilger, Paralegal

Joanne Bilger has worked for CLRP as a Paralegal since its’ inception in 1990. Prior to her CLRP employment, Joanne worked for a DMHAS outpatient mental health clinic and a private law firm, assisting with federal civil litigation in civil rights, labor and employment law.

Joanne has seen gradual, positive change in the way clients are treated. She has become adept at collaborating with a diverse range of mental health, legal and administrative personnel including public defenders, legislators, conservators, courts, DMHAS administration and clinical treatment teams.

Joanne received a Bachelors in Science in Legal Studies from Quinnipiac University. 


  • Connecticut Valley Hospital
  • Intensive Treatment Unit (Battell BN3-Ward 82)
  • General Psych. (Battell 3 South)
  • 54-56d (Battell BN4-Ward 83/ BS4-Ward 86)
  • P.R.E.P. Unit (Merritt)
  • Woodward
  • ABI (Battell BN2-Ward 81)
  • TBI (Battell BS2-Ward 84)
  • Young Adult Services

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