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Kathy Flaherty, Executive Director
Kathy Flaherty, Executive Director
Kathy's first connection with CLRP was as a summer intern after her first year at Harvard Law School. Kathy served two terms on the CLRP Board of Directors, including one term as the Chair. 

Kathy re-joined CLRP in 2014 as Associate Executive Director. In June 2015, she became Executive Director

Kathy spent almost 15 years as a Staff Attorney at Statewide Legal Services of CT, Inc., the centralized intake hotline for all the Connecticut legal services programs, and two years at Connecticut Legal Services ... [ more ]

Kirk Lowry, Legal Director
Kirk Lowry, Legal Director
Kirk W. Lowry is the Legal Director of the Connecticut Legal Rights Project, a non-profit state-wide legal services organization that represents low-income people with mental health conditions in all Connecticut state-operated inpatient psychiatric facilities and in the community.

His practice focuses on patients' rights, civil rights, discharge to the most integrated setting, conservatorship defense, involuntary medication, informed consent and commitment issues ... [ more ]

Thomas Behrendt, Counsel Emeritus
After serving for over a dozen years as CLRP's Legal Director, Tom Behrendt retired in 2008. Since then, he has served as Counsel Emeritus at CLRP.

Prior to coming to Connecticut, he was with Mental Hygiene Legal Service in New York State, where he was a founding member of its Special Litigation and Appeals Unit.

Tom was recently was honored with the Charles J. Parker Legal Services Award from the Connecticut Bar Association (2018) and is a past recipient of the ... [ more ]

Joanne Bilger, Paralegal
Joanne Bilger, Paralegal
Joanne Bilger has worked for CLRP as a Paralegal since its' inception in 1990. Prior to her CLRP employment, Joanne worked for a DMHAS outpatient mental health clinic and a private law firm, assisting with federal civil litigation in civil rights, labor and employment law.

Joanne has seen gradual, positive change in the way clients are treated. She has become adept at collaborating with a diverse range of mental health, legal and administrative personnel including public defenders, legislators, conservators, courts, DMHAS administration and clinical treatment teams ... [ more ]

Lisa Grandjean, Operations Coordinator
Lisa Grandjean has worked for CLRP in various capacities since 1999.

Lisa was drawn to the work after years of legislative advocacy and education on behalf of various disadvantaged populations in Vermont, Washington, D.C., Argentina, Virginia and Connecticut.

She has worked with young adults aging out of clinical settings in Southwest Virginia and at CLRP has served DMHAS clients in inpatient and community settings as an advocate, litigation paralegal and operations coordinator ... [ more ]

Karyl Lee Hall, Staff Attorney
Karyl Lee Hall, Staff Attorney
Karyl Lee Hall has been an attorney with the Connecticut Legal Rights Project since 2004.

She represents our clients on a wide variety of issues both inpatient and in the community.

Karyl Lee graduated from the University of Connecticut Law School ... [ more ]

Maren Klawiter, Staff Attorney
Maren Klawiter, Staff Attorney
Maren joined CLRP in June 2018 and she loves practicing disability rights law with her CLRP colleagues – advocating for the rights of low-income individuals with mental health conditions in the areas of health care, housing, employment, education, community-based services, and disability benefits.

Prior to joining CLRP, Maren practiced in the areas of family and education law, served as a prosecutor in the child abuse unit of a district attorney's office, worked as a litigation associate in the white collar, government and internal investigations practice of a large law firm, and provided ... [ more ]

Rosemary Marino, Business Manager
Rosemary Marino, Business Manager
After many years working in Finance and Operations for the corporate world Rosemary began her nonprofit career in 1991 as a full charge bookkeeper for Legal Assistance Resource Center of Connecticut. 

In 1999 she joined Connecticut Legal Rights Project as the Business Manager handling all finance and human resource for the organization ... [ more ]

Annette Medero, Paralegal

Annette joined Connecticut Legal Rights Project in October 2021 as a Paralegal Advocate. She is a life-long Hartford resident. Her parents migrated to the United States when she was nine years old. She attended Weaver High School and Hartford Public High School and graduated with honors in June 1988. She is a Trinity College alumnus and currently holds a degree in Education with a concentration in International Studies. She is the proud mother of two children who are currently attending college... [ more ]

Helen Mehm, Paralegal
Helen Mehm, Paralegal
Helen has been working with CLRP for over twenty years. She has a B.A. in Psychology and a B.S. in Business from Indiana University and a Legal Studies/Paralegal Certificate from the University of Hartford.

She started her work with CLRP at Fairfield Hills Hospital when the Hospital was closing, She's seen the focus change from institutional care to community living ... [ more ]

Adelina Santiago, Operations Assistant/Screener
Adelina Santiago started working for CLRP April of 2014 as an Operations Assistant Screener; she has 20 years of experience working for the legal services program.

She recently obtained her Paralegal Degree at Post University in April of 2018.

Adelina loves working with clients and is excited to further develop her knowledge by building on her past professional experience ... [ more ]

Gina Teixeira, Staff Attorney
Gina Teixeira has been at Connecticut Legal Rights Project, Inc. (CLRP) since 2003, when she started as a Paralegal. She graduated from Quinnipiac University School of Law in 2011.

Gina represents clients on locked psychiatric units in cases involving the Connecticut Patient Bill of Rights where she challenges the deprivation of liberty for her clients facing civil commitment. She litigates cases involving forced treatment orders including forced shock. Gina also represents clients in the community and in locked psychiatric units challenging the financial exploitation of people with disabilities under conservatorships.... [ more ]

Sally Zanger, Staff Attorney
Sally Zanger, Staff Attorney
Sally Zanger is a graduate of Brandeis University and the University of Michigan Law School. She was at CLRP at the beginning, many years ago, left to live in England, and returned to stay in 2006.

In addition to advocating on behalf of our clients with housing authorities, landlords, inpatient and outpatient treatment teams and clients' rights officers, she has had the pleasure of representing our clients in ... [ more ]

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